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Merry Christmas

In celebration of this festive season, our artists have illustrated what makes Christmas special to them.

Anna Hymas, 'What I love about Christmas? Hot spiced mulled wine in my favourite mug...'

Barbara Spoettel, 'If I have time enough I love to bake the most beautiful christmas cookies. It smells so good and it's like meditation. Best time for it is when it's snowing outside and everything is calm and quiet.'

Carrie May, 'I love winter wonderland walks and the possibility of magic in the air at Christmas time.'

Lucy Truman, 'Christmas is about presents from your beau.'

Mark Blade, 'It's the making and decorating that does it for me - I guess a real nostalgic throwback to my early Christmas days.' 

Joanna Kerr, 'I just love the moment that the turkey, so long in the cooking, is finally placed on the table.'

Robyn Neild, 'Christmas is all about trying to out glam the Christmas tree!' 

Anna Hymas Christmas News Item
Barbara Spoettel Christmas News Item
Carrie May Christmas News Item
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